OTOM Co., Ltd., a company specializing in portable X ray manufacturing


Company Overview
Company Overview
Healthier today than yesterday,
Safer tomorrow than today”
We will make a leap forward to be the world’s best company in the X-ray industry under our motto.
OTOM has focused its innovation and development on future human values in its all business areas. As flowing water has its vitality, sustainable, innovative, healthy corporate culture is a base for great leap forward. As one of the best global companies, we will contribute to the better health, better future, and better world for all humanity.
OTOM "A Companion for a Healthy Life"
We are facing a variety of health-related threats. However, we should pursue a better life. We, OTOM, have made a lot of R&D efforts with the belief that only healthy people can make healthy society. We OTOM will do our best to make you live a healthy and decent life.
OTOM’s Spirit and Core values
On the basis of our growth, we have placed our care for humans and their health & safety. Based on this, we have set our core values of “Challenge, Dedication, Safety”.
These values are ‘code of conduct’ of all the employees, which make them fully unified as OTOM members and have the same target. The core values are the driving force for innovation of corporate culture to achieve our vision.
We highly appreciate the good relationship with companies, colleagues, and customers. We do our level best to achieve bigger goals.
We want to be the best through change and innovation, not just being complacent in the current situation.
Health means both physical and mental health. We try to keep the spirit of health and show it to the world.
OTOM Vision
Organization Chart