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Collection and use of personal information and Consent
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▶ Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
- to check identity, verify real name, confirm intent to subscribe as member, restrict subscription by age
- to give notices, handle customers’ complaints, obtain correct delivery address
- to provide up-to-date information and customized personal services
- to provide other quality services smoothly

▶ Personal information collected
- Name, Email, Address, Contact number, Mobile number, and others.

▶ Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information
- In principle, OTOM discards personal information of a member without delay upon achievement of the purpose of collection and use of such personal information.
- However, for seamless service consultation, OTOM retains personal information of members for three months even after consultation is over. Also OTOM retains the information when it is required to retain by the laws such as Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.

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